Air Conditioning and heating

Air Conditioning and Heating

Southern Californians know all too well that spring and summer blend right together. While the cold fronts and winter storms on the East Coast garner the headlines, the heatwaves in the Southland are just as notorious and even more dangerous. When it comes to weather related illnesses and death, snow storms and arctic blasts might seem like the most dangerous but, according to the National Weather Service excessive heat is much more likely to cause serious health issues. This is why a properly functioning air conditioner and heating unit are so important. Appliance Repair Pros is your trusted choice when it comes to repairing broken heat pumps or even providing preventive maintenance.

As the most trusted appliance repair firm in the Southland we are dedicated to bringing you expert technicians and the best customer support. We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied. From commercial buildings to home units we service all makes and models of appliances and we guarantee your satisfaction at every turn.

Air Conditioning Service/Maintenance In Los Angeles

Just as your car needs to be serviced regularly, so does your air conditioner. Every year these units run for 15-20 hours every single day. As the days get hotter your unit will begin working harder and harder. At Appliance Repair Pros we have the experience and the know-how to handle any and all issues that could arise with your air conditioner or heating unit. We also understand that finances are the number one issue when these units need to be serviced or repaired. Did you know that a properly serviced unit will run more efficiently?

When considering your air conditioning and heater maintenance it is always a good idea to have your unit checked by a certified technician twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You will find that your unit performs better and will last much longer when routine service is provided.

Our certified technicians can and will identify potential problems with your unit as well as provide the expert care it requires to repair the unit. Whether your unit is suffering from loss of Freon or your home simply is not cooling off, we have the tools and the parts to quickly and effectively get your unit working properly. Some of the more common issues are poorly sealed ducts, broken thermostats, and blown fuses. Regardless of how big or small the issue is we have the ability to have your unit up and running in no time.

We are also proud to offer you same day service. When your air or heat breaks down time is of the essence. We understand that and we have staff on call 24/7/365. Your comfort and satisfaction are our number one goal.