Refrigerator Repair

When it comes to home appliances, none is more frequently used than the refrigerator. This cornerstone of modern kitchens is essential for food storage and allows you to purchase meat and produce days before they will be used and keep them safely preserved. If your refrigerator quits working, it can be an expensive problem. Food quickly spoils leading to hundreds of dollars in lost groceries if you don’t act quickly to make repairs. At Appliance Repair Pros, we specialize in fast, affordable refrigerator repair in Los Angeles County. Whether it’s mid-afternoon or middle of the night, we always have a service team on call to help with refrigerator repair needs.

The Most Common Mistake with Broken Refrigerators

Far too often, people assume a broken refrigerator needs to be replaced. However, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by choosing repair instead. Refrigerators are the most expensive appliance in most Los Angeles kitchens and they require a major financial investment. Most people cannot afford to run out and replace a refrigerator the moment it starts having problems. Even if you do buy a new refrigerator, it could be days before the company delivers it. In the meantime, you’ll lose all of the food that was stored in your old fridge as it quickly spoils in the rising temperatures.

Refrigerator repair is an affordable alternative and it’s one that most homeowners overlook. Most common refrigerator problems are easy to fix for a professional technician who has been trained in all of the components. Generally, refrigerator repair calls will involve replacing a part. Broken condenser coils or evaporator calls cause big problems, but they are quick and easy to replace. Best of all, they are quite affordable and we keep all major brands in stock.

We Repair All Makes and Models

Appliance Repair Pros can service or repair all major refrigerator brands. From your grandma’s vintage Maytag to high-tech Samsung or Sub Zero refrigerators, our repair team is trained to handle it all. Refrigerators operate using intricate systems and each brand is slightly different. Knowing how to properly disassemble and work on individual makes and models is key to avoid doing additional damage during the repair process.

Our experienced repair team goes through extensive training to ensure repairs are done correctly. When you contact our service department to schedule an estimate, you’ll be asked to provide the make and model of your refrigerator so we can send out a repair technician that is specifically trained for your brand. This also allows us to gather common parts that may need to be replaced so we can have them on the truck and ready when we arrive to troubleshoot your refrigerator.

If you are searching for fast and affordable refrigerator repair in Los Angeles County, give us a call today. We’ll dispatch a technician to your home or business to quickly repair your broken refrigerator before any food spoils. Don’t be too quick to buy a replacement refrigerator. Call us first to find out if a simple repair will get your old refrigerator back in working order.