Dryer Repair

For today’s busy Los Angeles lifestyle, having access to a working washer and dryer is essential. You might remember the time when your grandparents hung laundry on a clothes line to dry, but this was often time consuming and depended on warm, sunny weather. Modern dryers are certainly convenient, but they don’t last forever. With routine use, most dryers will experience problems within five to ten years. Fortunately, dryer repair is usually simple and much more affordable than buying brand new laundry appliances.

Troubleshooting Your Dryer

There are several common problems that you could encounter with your dryer. When you call Appliance Repair Pros to schedule a dryer repair estimate, make sure you give specifics about the symptoms you notice. Here is a look at some of the most frequent dryer problems we see on service calls.

Broken Door Switches

If the door doesn’t properly close, your dryer is useless. Dryers are wired to remain shut off until the door is fully latched. Sometimes this issue can be easily fixed by simply moving any dirt or debris that has built up over the door switch. Another potential issue is dryer door misalignment. Our repair team can quickly fix this problem and have you back to doing laundry in under an hour.

Clothes Aren’t Drying

When your dryer completes a cycle and you go to empty the clothes, are they still damp? If you are routinely running multiple cycles to get your clothes fully dried, it’s time to have a professional come take a look. Sometimes this is a simple fix and you’ll only need to replace a thermal fuse or clean out a blocked vent. Also, keep in mind that overloading your dryer will prevent it from optimal performance. Try drying a smaller load of clothes to see if that resolves the issue. If not, call Appliance Repair Pros to troubleshoot the problem and make repairs.

Ventilation Problems

One of the most dangerous hazards for modern dryers is a blocked vent. Always clean out the lint filter after every cycle. Buildup of lint or debris is a major fire hazard and can also cause your dryer to break. Occasionally, dryer hoses can also get blocked. All those missing socks could be stuck in the dryer hose so disconnect it and check to make sure nothing is blocking air flow. You can use a regular household vacuum’s hose attachment to clean out your dryer vent and check for unseen blockages.

When to Call for Professional Help

If the above troubleshooting tips don’t resolve your dryer problem, it’s time to call in a repair technician from Appliance Repair Pros. We provide same day dryer repair services across Los Angeles, making it quick and easy to get back to your regular laundry routine. Our repair team is trained to work on all major dryer makes and models and we keep parts in stock to make to process fast and easy. If you notice problems with your dryer, call our friendly repair team today and schedule a free consultation.