Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler Repair

Wine coolers are becoming a popular choice in modern Los Angeles county kitchens. These specialized appliances make wine storage easy and convenient, but they do require routine service and occasional repairs. Appliance Repair Pros offer fast and affordable wine cooler repair and maintenance services for both residential and commercial kitchens.

Common Problems with Wine Coolers

There are a handful of common problems we see with wine coolers and most are the result of simple wear and tear. Here are some common complaints we address during Los Angeles service calls:

  • Blocked or Broken Vents
  • Dirty or Broken Condenser Coils
  • Corrosion of Internal Fan
  • Improperly Calibrated Thermostat
  • Damaged Compressors
  • Loose Fan Screws

If you notice any of these problems with your wine cooler or you simply realize your wine isn’t staying chilled, call our customer service representatives and request a visit from our experienced repair technicians.

Fast and Affordable Wine Cooler Repair

Appliance Repair Pros is the top-rated choice for wine cooler repair in Los Angeles because our prices are affordable and we offer same day repair at no additional cost. Our experienced repair technicians are highly trained in the technology behind today’s popular residential and commercial wine coolers. They have the technical skill needed to make repairs quickly to resolve most common problems.

We also offer routine maintenance for wine coolers. By scheduling regular service checks, our appliance technicians can catch problems before they escalate and extend the life of your wine cooler. This also gives you regular opportunities to ask questions and learn more about the built-in features that come with many of the top-rated wine coolers. Because we work on these models regularly, we are happy to explain the various settings and help you choose the right temperature to keep your wine perfectly chilled.

Same Day Service

If you’re hosting a dinner party and you realize that your wine is all room temperature, there’s no need to panic. Even if it’s a major holiday or late at night, we have service technicians on call and ready to help. Our customer support representatives answer the phones 24 hours a day and they can quickly dispatch an experienced wine cooler repair professional to your home or business. We keep replacement parts in stock for all major brands, reducing the time involved in making repairs.

Get a Free Estimate Today

Wine cooler repair is generally very affordable, but we provide upfront cost estimates on all repair jobs. There are never hidden fees or charges added onto the final bill so you can know from the start the complete cost for repairs before you give your consent. Once you are ready to proceed, repairs are done on-site. This minimizes the risk for damage by moving the wine cooler and it makes it much faster to finish repair work.

If your wine cooler is broken or showing signs that it might need repair, contact us today! Appliance Repair Pros is standing by to assist you with all wine cooler repair needs in Los Angeles County.