Oven Repair

Modern kitchens feature ovens that are much more advanced that what our grandmothers relied on for daily meal prep. From high tech settings and automatic timers to convection ovens that making baking a breeze, today’s ovens offer some incredible benefits. The only downside is that these newer oven models are much more complicated to repair, so when your oven breaks, it can be a major headache. Whether you are still cooking with your grandma’s vintage oven or you have one of the new models with lots of bells and whistles, Appliance Repair Pros can assist you. We specialize in Los Angeles oven repair and service all major brands, makes, and models for both home and commercial kitchens.

Common Oven Problems

Our Los Angeles oven repair team routinely works with free-standing, built-in, convection, gas, and electric ovens. Depending on the kind of oven you have, the issues you encounter might be slightly different, but there are a handful of oven problems that seem to come up repeatedly on our service calls.

My Oven Isn’t Holding the Right Temperature

If your oven isn’t getting hot enough or it’s scorching even on low temperature settings, grab the owner’s manual and search for how to adjust the temperature settings. You will need an oven-safe thermometer to get an accurate reading so you can change the internal setting appropriately. If you don’t have a thermometer or feel uneasy about adjusting these settings, our repair team will do it for you.

The Door Won’t Shut

With regular wear and tear, the hinges on oven doors will gradually wear down. If your door won’t shut, this is usually a simple fix, but you will probably want professional help. On newer ovens, the hinge is on the internal frame and you may need to remove the entire side panel to access and replace it. Our oven repair pros can quickly replace the hinges for you, with parts we always keep in stock.

My Oven Is Dead – It Won’t Even Turn On

If your oven isn’t coming on, there could be a few potential causes. First, make sure you haven’t blown a fuse or check your tripped a breaker. If it’s getting power, but isn’t heating up, it could be a broken heating element or an internal wiring problem. For gas ovens, it could be an issue with the gas valve or controls. Don’t attempt to fix these more complicated problems without professional assistance. Electrical issues can be dangerous so call Appliance Repair Pros for help.

Affordable Oven Repair in Los Angeles County

With years of experience in repairing all varieties of ovens, our technicians have what it takes to make your oven work like new. When you call our customer support department, they will dispatch one of our technicians to come troubleshoot your oven and give you a free estimate for repairs. Once you give your approval, we will make repairs on the spot. Same-day repairs are no problem and we have technicians on call even on holidays and weekends. If you need affordable oven repair in Los Angeles County, contact Appliance Repair Pros today.