Freezer Repair

Freezers are a modern technology that most of us take for granted until they stop working. If your freezer malfunctions, food can quickly thaw and spoil, leading to hundreds of dollars in lost food. In Los Angeles, broken freezers are fairly common, but our repair team is trained to make repairs on all major brands. We keep parts in stock and will dispatch repair specialists 24/7 to help you deal with freezer malfunctions.

Common Freezer Problems

Some freezer issues are simple to resolve and you might be able to make repairs yourself. Here is a look at some common problems we see and some simple troubleshooting tips you can try before you make a repair appointment.

My Freezer Isn’t Getting Power

If your freezer is completely dead and you hear no sound and the internal light isn’t working, the first step is to check your power source. Make sure it’s plugged into the outlet and check for a blown fuse. You can also try plugging a nightlight into the outlet to see if the outlet is getting power. If the outlet is working, the problem is your freezer. This could be caused by an electrical issue, a broken defrost timer, or a compressor problem. Because freezers are fairly complicated to repair, call Appliance Repair Pros and ask for a free estimate. We’ll send out a Los Angeles freezer repair specialist to troubleshoot the problem and give you a quote on repairs.

My Freezer Isn’t Cold

If your freezer is running, but it’s not cold, there are several potential causes. First, take a look at how much food you have inside. If it’s completely full, there is no room for air to circulate and the temperature won’t stay cold. Try rearranging or removing some of the food to see if this lowers the temperature. Also, check the thermostat settings. Sometimes this can accidentally get bumped up causing temperatures to climb. Another potential problem is the door seal. If your freezer door wasn’t completely closed or sealed tightly, cold air will leak out, raising the internal temperature. If none of these steps fixes the problem, give us a call and we’ll send out a professional to take a look.

The Best Freezer Repair in Los Angeles

At Appliance Repair Pros, we are proud to offer the most highly rated freezer repair services in Los Angeles County. From electrical problems to damaged door seals to broken defrosters, our technicians are trained to handle any freezer issues you encounter. We routinely repair all major freezer brands and models ranging from under the counter freezers to large chest freezers. We also offer commercial freezer repair and maintenance services.

If you need fast, affordable repair services for your Los Angeles freezer, give us a call today. We’ll send out an experience professional to troubleshoot your freezer and give you a no-obligation estimate on repairs. We can fix your freezer on the spot, so you can prevent food spoilage with minimal interruption to your daily routine.