Stove Repair

Today’s stoves range from basic electric burners to glass tops that look like they should be in a showroom. Whether your kitchen sports a vintage stove you inherited from your parents or a brand new high-tech model, you’ll most likely encounter problems at some point. The normal wear and tear of daily use can cause stove components to break down. Knobs come loose, burners stop working, and heating elements eventually burn out. Appliance Repair Pros offers stove repair for all makes and models, servicing all major appliance brands in Los Angeles County.

Troubleshooting Broken Stoves

After years of stove repair experience, our service team has learned that most calls involve a handful of common problems. Here is a look at some of the most frequent issues people encounter with stoves in Los Angeles.

Burners heat unevenly or don’t turn on.

Stove burners are usually the first thing to experience problems after years of wear and tear. Several potential issues could be causing your burners to malfunction, but you can do a few quick troubleshooting steps at home. First, make sure the burner is connected properly. Sometimes older stove burners will gradually slide out of the connection socket. Maybe you accidentally bumped the burner while you were cleaning the stovetop or it just slid out a little at a time until it quit working. Give it a firm push to make sure it’s connected and see if that fixes the problem. If not, the coils might need to be replaced so give our repair team a call.

Burner temperatures are unpredictable.

If you turn a burner to low setting and it gets hot enough to boil water, it’s time to call for help. This is a common problem and it usually means an internal switch needs to be replaced. This is a fairly easy repair and we keep parts on hand.

The gas stove won’t light.

Gas stoves tend to have more common problems than electric models, but they are usually easy to repair. Just remember that gas is dangerous and if you smell fumes, you should call the gas company immediately to check for leaks. If the gas is working properly but your stove won’t light, you probably have a broken ignition switch. These commonly break with repeated use, but our repair technicians can quickly fix this problem and get your stove back in working order.

Affordable Stove Repair Solutions in Los Angeles County

When you’re looking for budget-friendly stove repair, contact Appliance Repair Pros. We work hard to keep our prices low and we provide no obligation estimates for all customers. If you suspect a problem with your stove, call our customer support representatives and schedule a free consultation. We offer same day service at no additional charge for those stove repair emergencies. If your stove suddenly dies in the middle of holiday dinner preparations, don’t worry. We have technicians on call who will come out and make repairs on the spot. Call today to schedule your stove repair appointment in Los Angeles County!