Washer Repair

Laundry might be a chore you hate, but it’s much easier with the help of a washer and dryer. Before these modern appliances were available to the public, people had to hand wash clothes and linens, spending hours to remove tough stains. Washing machines save you hours of time each week, but when they stop working, laundry can pile up fast. Appliance Repair Pros offers fast, affordable washer repair service for Los Angeles County homes and businesses.

Routine wear and tear can damage washers over time. Maybe you’ve noticed that clothes are no longer coming clean or there are jagged rips in your clothes when you pull them out after a wash cycle. Washer problems are certainly frustrating, but most of the time, they are easy to repair. Our experienced technicians are trained to work on all major washer brands and we can serve any make and model in the Los Angeles area.

Should You DIY Washer Repair?

In the era of the Internet, many people consult YouTube and attempt to make washer repairs without help from a professional. While you can find some great tips for routine maintenance and even learn some basic repair techniques online, be cautious about DIY work on your appliances. In many cases, you will void your manufacturer warranty by attempting repairs and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could ultimately cause greater damage. Washer repair services are quite affordable so there’s no need to attempt your own repair work just to save money. We work hard to keep costs down and we already have the parts in stock so you aren’t stuck waiting weeks for them to arrive.

Common Problems with Washers

The vast majority of washer repair service calls revolve around a handful of common problems. Oftentimes, it’s an electrical problem from a blown fuse or a damaged plug. Sometimes the issue is related to the water supply. Hoses can get blocked or kinked up with normal wear and tear and sometimes need to be replaced for optimal performance. Another common complaint is new, unpleasant odors in the washer. This is especially common in front loading machines where moisture tends to linger. You can usually repair this problem on your own by running a cycle with a cup of white vinegar. Another option is to run an empty washer through a cycle with a splash of liquid bleach. This should eliminate smells and leave the inside clean and shiny.

Get Professional Washer Repair in Los Angeles County

If your washer isn’t working properly, Appliance Repair Pros can help. From broken knobs to strange smells to blocked hoses, our technicians have seen it all and they can quickly troubleshoot the problem and help you find a solution. If your washer needs a parts replacement, our technicians can help with that too. We keep common parts for all brands in stock so repairs can be completed quickly with minimal interruption to your laundry routine. Call today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for Los Angeles County washer repair.